Think Yourself Thin

by Debbie Johnson

Discover the secret of lasting success with weight, health and any other life challenge with the special visualization technique in THINK YOURSELF THIN by Debbie Johnson . Debbie lost 40 pounds just "thinking thin" over 14 years ago with NO diets or strenuous exercise and has kept it off ever since! You can do it too....

The adventure begins with a simple 30 second a day exercise which you can use as you awaken, fall asleep or any time during the day. Understanding the language of the subconscious, which is images, and how to use that language effectively, you can have much greater control over your life. THINK YOURSELF THIN gives you all the tools to make it work. Those tools include relaxation techniques for greater effectiveness, discovering how to be childlike again for greater powers of imagination and using your dreams as a springboard to the new you.

The concept of "Thinking Thin" is sweeping the nation as book sales are skyrocketing, Harper Audio bought audio rights and Book of the Month Club purchased rights to the book saying it was "very mainstream." People are realizing more and more that the "mind-body" connection can be used for anything, including powerful weight management.

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