Think Yourself Loved

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Think Yourself Loved

* Connect with God's love within.

* Understand why loving yourself gets you more love.

* Identify what makes you feel happy and loved.

* Love who you are and give love to yourself.

* Develop and exercise routine for loving yourself.

* Read stories of success with the tools used from this book.

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Dear Think Yourself Thin friends and colleagues:

Thank you for all you interest, love and support over the years. Finally I have found the right publisher for Think Yourself Loved - Unity House.

This book will help those who use the "loving yourself exercises" find a greater degree of love.

I am so grateful for the love, freedom and inner peace I've found and am so happy to be able to share it with all of you.

In Loving Service,

Debbie Johnson


Comments from Readers and Professionals on Think Yourself Loved and the booklet upon which it was based, How to Love Yourself, by Debbie Johnson:


"A terrific Guide for all who would like to know how to use their minds to take control of their lives."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

I recommend Debbie's book because, in my experience, this is the core of all healing. It is a book that is relevant to everyone! It is simple and powerful. ~1 , N~ clients and students use it as part of their healing program. I am grateful for her work!"
Bess McCarty, HHP (trainer to therapists for inner child work)

"Debbie has written a direct, practical and inspiring book that will help many people develop more love-filled lives."
Dr. Eugene Baker, Director of Behavioral Medicine, PACC, former President Oregon Psych. Assoc.

"As a presenter/ trainer of community health education programs I have found Debbie's book to be an invaluable resource. The exercises in the book gently assist my clients in changing the way they view themselves on all levels. Debbie's material goes beyond many of the self-esteem and self-help books on the market because it covers emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual aspects of learning to love oneself."
Kimberly Young, MS, Owner, Health Promotion Professionals

"Your books have helped me so much! I could not understand other self-help books, but these have put me on the right track and given me hope and confidence."
John Major, disabled Vietnam Veteran

"You helped reinforce my own self-acceptance-love. Your book is basic, simple truth. I know I will read it over and over again."
Gerry P., Oregon

"I have shared your book with a lay minister and he used it as part of his sermon!"
Katherine B., Colorado

"Your book, How to Love Yourself, helped me more than words can say!"
Ethel S., California

"Your book was very helpful throughout my rediscovery process. It has captured the essence of what it takes to love yourself and why it is so profoundly important. Love is the most important aspect of ourselves that we can discover. It's always there, we just need to find it and use it. The rewards are immeasurable - Thank you for helping me learn this important life lesson."
Shelly H., TV producer

"Debbie seems to have a depth of life experiences and wisdom that comes from the heart. I enjoyed her honest sharing of personal growth she has seen through such situations."
Nora K., Hospital Administrative Assistant, Minnesota


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