Debbie Johnson, Sports Success Trainer's Process/Topics for Consultations:

Topics that may be covered with each client, with coach's consent, according to priorities to get that team member moving faster to greater success. Johnson's extremely broad experience and expertise as an educator, business woman, media veteran, dancer (physical training), marketing consultant, health coach, dream expert, counselor, minister (non-denominational/inter-faith) and success trainer come into play with circumstances beyond most personal coaches reach.

1. Spiritual application. Client's beliefs may be applied to immediately turn attitude around, if they so desire to work from that level (Every client has loved this aspect).

2. Developing a "Key Image" to use our divine gift of imagination and reprogram the subconscious for greater success. Thirty seconds per day. Self-contract.

3. The Science of Gratitude - Attitude is based upon this bedrock key to success, involves subconscious language.

4. Self-talk and Old beliefs - Identify and destroy.

5. Blocks to Success: Identify and destroy. Tricks to stay focused through rough patches. (Make it a game/ignore pull of lower attitude)

6. Fuel - Emotion fuels the subconscious image. Identify theme song.

7. Act As If: Advanced key to getting the subconscious on our side. Moving into the Grid-Pattern of Success Consciousness. Top Gun Pilots. Intuition improvement w/ blind waste-basketball.

8. End of Your Life: more advanced work with subconscious, self-motivation.

9. Personal Issues at present: identify any discomfort with family, friends, team-mates, staff members that may get in the way of positive attitude. Blow them away.

10. Personal Health Issues: Body types, digestion, absorption and utilization. Stress is greatest cause of disease; next topic covers. Age reversal nutrition. supplementation (all natural) and subconscious reprogramming. Vision improvement.

11. Energy Management/Time management/Relaxation Management: balance in all aspects of life to keep stress levels low; time to workout, eat properly, etc.

12. Sleep on it: as author of Dreams, Your Window to Heaven, Johnson offers techniques to speed up success-track during sleep.


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