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Debbie's own technique - Focused Imagination!

Debbie Johnson, best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin, Media personality and Personal Success Trainer for the subconscious, helps her clients reach unimaginable goals by teaching them to imagine it! Debbie's success and that of her clients is based on a simple, quick technique she calls "Focused Imagination" to reprogram the subconscious, and therefore the body, for greater success.

The basis of Debbie's service is Focused Imagination, the technique she developed to be successful in all areas of sales, as well as fitness, is akin to bio-feedback and hypnosis, which have proven effective in nearly all cases. The good news is that people don't have to spend lots of time on those tools if they use Focused Imagination when they wake up every morning. Just fifteen to thirty seconds a day is all it takes!

As all successful people like you know, including professional athletes, we program ourselves constantly for success or failure in every area of our lives. It's been proven in many studies, including one where muscle strength was increased twelve percent in one year just through visualization (University of Arizona study printed in Runner's World, May, 1991). Games are won and lost in the mind.

Debbie's initial work with her clients, both in business and fitness, helps clients develop their own personal key image. After they practice this "key image" daily for thirty days they have created new neurological pathways, literally new brain tissue. Then they automatically do whatever it takes to get to that magic place, whatever their goal. - automatically. The body responds positively as well.

"One triathlete met me just three days before his next triathlon and with only one half hour session, we got his time down further than he would have believed possible. Another client hated exercise, but wanted to bulk up. He worked with his key image and in two weeks had already developed a great new body."

In addition, with her background in psychology, Johnson has worked one-on-one with her clients for twenty years, by phone, to root out old beliefs and images, no matter how subtle, that are blocks to success. She used this same technique to lose forty pounds and keep it off twenty years and going!; to flatten her stomach and get stronger, look younger and feel better. And at fifty-two years old, she still performs dance! It works! And she guarantees it, unconditionally.

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Open Letter to Athletes and Coaches or Trainers:

Dear Athlete or Coach,

Thank you for your time in looking at this information.

The bottom line is, I build confidence that sticks. The incredible winning record of Lakers head coach, Phil Jackson, is a testament to the power of positive thinking, as he teaches his players, as is your own experience. My technique takes this to many new levels and makes positive thinking automatic, when practiced just thirty seconds a day, along with the block-destroying work I do, and other techniques.
In dramatic contrast to every other consultant on the planet, I guarantee my work. I've had 100% customer satisfaction (and have for twenty years). Every single person or company that uses my techniques improves their "game." Because I have experience in both physical and business arenas with my system, and a little experience with sports, I feel comfortable guaranteeing my work with a sports team. I can't imagine anything more exciting to put my time and energy into!

Even though I am not an avid sports fan, I feel that's positive, since I can be more objective. Also to your advantage, as a woman, men feel more comfortable talking candidly to me, and especially since I do my consultations by phone, even with my local clients. I have found this to be more effective than in person, unless it's a group presentation/training.

Thanks again for your time!

Debbie Johnson


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