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Debbie Johnson's services as a Sports Success Trainer

Major league sports clients and golf pros have attained a new level of success working with Johnson. 100% positive results were experienced for those who applied her techniques.

Johnson, best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin, Think Yourself There, and other books, promotes success through a specialized system she developed during a twenty year process. Please click here for more information about "focused imagination," consulting process, and Debbie Johnson.

You or your team members will automatically manage their energy, time, health and attitudes for a shot of adrenaline that is natural and legal!

They will blow away blocks to going further, faster and smarter than they ever have before. They will be motivated to eat right, exercise properly and do whatever it takes to build or maintain endurance, performance skills and speed up recovery time.

Within two half-hour sessions by phone, they will begin to show improvement. Within three months (twelve sessions) the bedrock for greater success will be established in the subconscious. Within six months (twenty-four sessions) they will have built a solid structure over that foundation to assure future successes. This works for those who apply even part of the system and work with just some of the techniques Debbie offers.

For more information call Debbie Johnson at 952-443-0112.

Non-disclosure: No other team will know who won bid, nor will Ms. Johnson disclose to any person, media, or business that she is on contract with any team unless she has their permission in writing.

For Free "test-drive" consultation with any of your trainers, coaches, or players, call Debbie Johnson in Minnesota at 952-443-0112. Fee structure: $250 per hour or $210 per hour paid in ten hour increments; advance payment required.


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