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Television producers, radio producers and other
professionals comment on Debbie Johnson's work.

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Comments from Radio and TV Producers:

You were terrific and really made your segment come to life.

--Scott Corburn, Producer
NBC National Network Television

...thank you so much for being a guest on the Independent Broadcaster's Network. Our audience and staff were impressed with your expertise and were most appreciative of your insight and information.

--Ellen Raitner, Host and producer
Washington D.C., Independent Broadcasters Network

Thank you for joining me as a guest..The knowledge you shared was very interesting and informative. People are only beginning to realize what an important part the mind plays in our overall health and well-being. And we appreciate having guests like you to help educate the public on how much they can help themselves...

--Deborah Rae, Host, Here's To Your Health
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show

Comments from Professionals:

Her program was very insightful..Debbie showed a depth of life experiences and wisdom that comes from the heart. Her talk was humorous and light, yet healing to those of us who have been through pain...Enjoyed her honest sharing of personal growth she has been through in such situations.

--Nora Kavassy, Admin. Assistant, Senior Services
Fairview Southdale Hospital

Well designed and well presented. Clear and concise..well organized and used humor very effectively to make contact with the audience and enliven subject. Nearly 500 people in audience (largest singles club in Midwest). Debbie ...held their attention and kept their interest. As co-chair of S.A.T. I have heard hundreds of presentations. I can strongly recommend Debbie.

--Arthur R. Galbraith, Past Co-Chair, S.A.T.
University of MN, Dept. of Lab. Med. and Path.

Comments from Various Audiences:

Wonderful, fun practical exercises.

--audience member #1

You were very approachable and inviting

--audience member #2

Confident and warm.

--audience member #3

Very relevant for what I came for and needed to hear. Very excellent presentation.

--audience member #4

Well planned.

--audience member #5

So appropriate, so needed, so true!

--audience member #6

I liked the positive attitude, personal involvement exercises.

--audience member #7

Thank you for your workshop! I feel so positive....You're great!

--audience member #8

I liked the way you gave the illustration of looking at the goal, not the negatives.

--audience member #9

Your enthusiasm and energy are priceless!

--audience member #10


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