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(including some health professionals and M.D.s):

"If someone had told me reading a book and using my imagination would completely alter my perception of myself and lead me on a path towards my thin self I wouldn't have believed them. But, some amazing things have happened to me in the past two weeks...(before this) was resisting being active due to fatigue and jump in ..swimming, loading bikes one the skating...rowing machine out of basement!. Candy bars don't look as appealing..content with two bites and resting instead of eating. Most important...accepting myself for who I am is the best gift I can give myself...Many thanks!" Carol Parker, Oakland, CA

"...your book, HOW TO THINK YOURSELF THIN was the catalyst to take concrete steps to getting my self-esteem and girlie figure back. The love and compassion you have for your fellow woman comes comfortingly across in your book. I am a strong case example (her emphasis) that you grow into your self image. I am so excited that I have a body that I finally appreciate. I have lost 15 pounds already, my body is shrinking and I feel so good!!!"
Sally Sima Nishti, San Clemente, CA

"I've been working with THINK YOURSELF THIN for the past two weeks with no will power and ~,ou tend to really, truly act like this thin personl(her emphasis) I've lost inches. My tummy is flatter. Food actually tastes better, and I need less. I have control!"
Judy Hudson, Los Angeles, CA Emergency Room Secretary

"I am applying your suggestions from HOW TO THINK YOURSELF THIN and I believe it is having some effect. You have something there!"
Rosella Leasure, San Diego,CA Retired English Teacher

" I already feel better after having spoken with you the other day. I KNOW (his emphasis) I have lost some weight. I am on pg. 14, sitting straighter already learning to become my own friend."
Dean, Phoenix, AZ
Bookstore owner

"It really works. It really does work! I was simply amazed at the results I got right away!"
Lynn Henninger, Minneapolis, MN
Office Manager

"..familiar with visualization, etc. However, your key Image has put a different spin on it all and brought everything together for me- I'm losing weight! And loving myself more!" Betsy Stamnas, Catansville, MD Nutritional Distributor

"I have gone from a size ten and a half to a size eight! Helps sell your book for sure! "
Myra Souza-Banning, Waimea, HI Bookstore owner (Pueo Bookshop)

"What you say is of the truth...Medically, the information is accurate. I see this every day." Paul Van Camp, MD, Yakima, WA

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